Tyler Newberry. Musician.


Tyler has entered his 2nd decade playing music for people. In nearly every state, he plays in coffee shops, homes, churches, streets, and anywhere else with a hankering for handwritten songs. 

He wrote his first song, "Blacklight," in the 7th grade. If you ask him nice, he may even play it for you. 

In reality, Tyler is actually the one writing this, but he wanted to appear big time by having "someone else" write his bio.

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Contact: Dang!!Media LLC + 713.252.6089

Email: info@tylernewberrymusic.com


+ Check back regularly for details +

February 21 (Houston, TX) - Woodway College Kickoff (Students only) - 8pm

March 6 (Houston, TX) - KPFT 90.1, on-air interview/performance - 12pm

March 15 (Round Top, TX) - Pie Haven Songwriter Series - 2pm

March 22 (Tomball, TX) - Logan House Show Song Swap - 7pm

March 28 (Pearland, TX) - Glen York Family Night - 7pm

March 30 (Houston, TX) - The Caroline Sessions - 2pm

May 10 (Houston, TX) - Madness on Main St Music Fest - 8pm

May 25 (Pearland, TX) - House Show - 6pm (Email info@tylernewberrymusic.com for free tickets)

June 5 (Houston, TX) - KPFT 90.1, on-air interview/performance - 12pm

June 6 (Houston, TX) - House of Blues - 8pm

July 15 (Austin, TX) - Moonshine Bar & Grill ("Moonshine to Medicine" Benefit) - 5-7pm

August 1 (Cleveland, TN) - Private Event

September 15 (Houston, TX) - Mucky Duck - Open Mic - 7pm

October 5 (Houston, TX) - Dean's Downtown, Houston Songwriter Series - 7-9pm

November 1 (Pearland, TX) - House Concert - 7pm 

December 28 (Houston, TX) - Dean's Downtown, Houston Songwriter Series - 7-9pm

May 30 - (Round Top, TX) - Pie Haven Songwriter Series - 2pm