June 18, 2013

 This feels all too new. Yet, in some ways, I've been working on this my whole life. Every record is not who I am are since my last record; it is who I've been working up to since birth.  Making a record is thrilling. Making a record is terrifying. It's part joy, part fear.

Making a record is working with marble.  

At some point, artists just have to do it. No thinking, no more planning, just doing. Artists rarely believe in themselves, but they, at times, believe in their art, as if it were assembled apart from themselves. Even in the digital, recording world there are always opportunities to make changes; always chances for tweaks, but eventually you have to put down the chisel. Putting down the chisel is the worst part. In my case, I'll be editing the songs even while I'm in the studio. Up until they are recorded, they are up for discussion. I put the chisel down when I send off the music to be mixed/mastered by an engineer. In my experience, it's the worst part, but I will trust in my art and hope for the best.