June 26, 2013

Writing a song can be easy. Editing a song is torture. 

Given the right amount of time, I return to the song, then tell that song how much I hate it. We snuggle up, apologize, then figure out if there's any way we can make it work. Sometimes, it's a gnarly separation. Most times, it's plastic surgery, then we're back together.  

It's the most humiliating part of songwriting. To take something that felt like gold a few weeks ago, then realize that it's fake is less than desirable. However, the thought that, with very few exceptions, songs left in their first draft are typically garbage is what keeps an editor editing. I have written somewhere around 200 songs and I've never had ONE, first draft song worth a darn. Second draft? Third draft? A couple.

That's where I'm at: the editing phase. The sloppy, trench foot, inescapable phase of editing.