So It Begins

Saturday night kicked off with a "Social Media Launch Party Blast." Leslianne and I played through 10 brand new songs. Most of which will make it's way on the new record, The Devil Rides A Horse . We had a full house and couldn't have been more pleased. We played and the songs seemed well received. In the audience included the wife of a famous author, one of the quarterbacks for the Houston Texans, and a few folks from London. I was happy.

Clicking "Go Live!" on the site was rather intimidating. It's rather much for a person like me to say, "Here, internet, expose me." Will the project do well? Will people click the link and say, "Eh...?" Really, just a plain ole Junior High, will-people-like-me kind of thing.

Here we are, roughly 36 hours into the campaign and I am pumped. It's going great so far. We're nearing 20% of the funds to make these songs come to life!

29 days to go...