Release Day!!

I'll write more later, but I can't tell what a joy it is to release this record. The Devil Rides a Horse is not only a culmination of 18 months of pre-planning, meetings, songwriting, graphic design, phone calls, photo shoots, studio selection, emails, songwriting, recording, and editing, it is the fruit of YOUR labor. So many of you pre-ordered the album on IndieGoGo (see the project here) giving this record life. As an independent artist it is incredible to have this record paid for. I don't owe a record label, a credit card company, a music studio or producers. It makes this release even sweeter to have you involved. 

If you didn't have the opportunity to pre-order, it is available RIGHT NOW. Click any of these links for your favorite music supplier:


Amazon MP3

Google Play

If you would like to take the extra time, leave a review. It helps. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do.

- Tyler